Bill Myers, dear dad – English version


Bill Myers, dear dad
by omundoeacrica

I remember my first meeting with the Myers family. Indianapolis airport, a cold Sunday evening, a few days from Christmas.

My first night at their home I was up until late to know the house, the portraits on the wall, the smell of everything… I was overwhelmed by meeting such a cheerful and nice family. I unpacked and took the Brazilian coffee packages to the counter kitchen. A traditional Brazilian gift ( at least it was in those days).

The weeks passed fast. Time, when is good, flies. And I would never be the same girl I was back home. I enjoyed everything from the food (specially macaroni and cheese) until the Myerses’ cosy home.

It was nice to learn a new language, but nothing compares to the fact of getting to know new people with new ideas. I even had photography classes in high school! Well, it was a natural choice for me since I had been living at a home of a well known photographer in Marion, Indiana.

My adopted dad and a great friend, Bill Myers, has gone some days ago. As he had been sick for a while, in medical treatment, I understand it was the right time for him to go. I’m sure he will never be forgotten by his family and friends.

The legacy that Bill leaves us will make him alive among us. For his exciting  life road based on the building of his loving family, he was married since very young to Nancy, my American mom, and father of Sammy and Jennifer, dear sisters, and for a prosperous professional career as a photographer.

Bill was able to perform several roles in his life. And he lived very intensely his passions. He was talented and used to make music as writing lyrics and working with melodies. He had a true artistic soul indeed. And managed how to express his sensitivity.

Bill was always generous and kind to everyone and had a great sense of humor. He was happy and made many people happy too. He made so many friends around the places he had been: in Indiana where he was born, in Tennessee where lived for several years, in a few trips to Brasil and as a member of the Rotary Clubs. For all of this I will have great memories of my american dad in my heart forever.

Life is urgent and can be interrupted anytime making it as unpredictable as its opposite death is. We are never totally aware of both sides, then life has to be lived while death is just something we feel.

If we are not able to explain life, how can we decrypt death? I only know what all know, that loosing someone dear is painful. It is a physical separation. But I will get over it because the love I feel for Bill is stronger. I dream that one day we will be reunited. A sweet hope that feeds me.

Until then I’ll meet you in my dreams, dear dad. I love you.

William “Bill” Myers